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Resident Revenant

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Fear brings on change, change helps one recover. Who has a fearful story?

Thunder from an autumn storm masks the shriek of evil stirring to feast. The Dill Hill Mental Facility houses women struggling to contain sensibility. One casualty is rolled out on a gurney as medical director, Dr. Gail Coleman prepares to take on the unusual night’s events.

The Revenant, an entity of light, but dead with evil resurrects to replenish itself. Once it possesses Dr. Coleman, it controls the female patients of the ward. Group therapy is required, ten women are called from their beds to reveal their childhood horrors.

Fear fuels the Revenant. With each mention of innocent trick or treating nights turning scary, suspicion grows stronger. An ultimatum by the famished entity is given to the women to dig deep into their past, share their fears, and accept their reward.

Screams of terror fill the locked room as the broken patients are finally relieved of their psychological illnesses. Light consumes their soul, trading it for the eternal slumber of death.

Resident Revenant is a skewed short story of fear inspired by memorable Halloween nights.

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