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Island Memories

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Nell O'Leary sees the world in a logical way, and she's content managing her friend, Pippa's eco-resort. She holds a secret from her past and is painfully insecure around the opposite sex. When Nell runs into a technical problem at the resort, she contacts a computer company and is dismayed to find the owner is her former friend, Nat Dwyer. Nat was at university with her but that's the only thing he and Nell have in common.

Even though they had once been good friends, Nat was a womaniser—with no intention of ever settling down. When Nell asks Nat to help onsite, the help he offers takes a personal turn. But the last thing Nat expects is to fall in love with this quiet woman. Nell fights her growing feelings; there is no way she would ever trust Nat.

Can Nell overcome her lack of trust or is her past destined to cause them heartache?

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