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Learn to play the Ubass | Basic techniques

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About the Lesson Pack concept

What's so special about these lesson packs, how will they work?

There are a lot of existing books about techniques and concepts involved with bass playing, Couldn’t I just get some of these and put together a mile long YouTube playlist and learn from the stuff that's already out there?

Yes, you can but I do think my lessons will give you a fresh look at learning more about Music. What I offer will hopefully suit you hand-in-glove and be a great way to widen your Musical horizon! My Lesson Packs are a great alternative for You and, I hope, an understandable way to further expand your knowledge about Music!

These Lesson Packs are focused towards playing the UBass but can be used for any bass instruments with strings and a fretboard…

The ebook is packed with amazing features that make learning about the Ubass a new and exciting experience! I will go through these features in detail in a future blog post but for now, let’s have a quick look:

  • Picture gallery’s that enhances the reading experience
  • Multi-angle videos that show you how to get the best out of your Ubass playing
  • Highlighted words are clickable and explained in pop-ups or in the extensive word list. (I bet you can spend hours just  navigating the word list alone!)
  • End of lesson quizzes – check and see if you have understood the lesson you just worked with
  • Marking text and make notes – find something especially interesting? Mark the text/or make a note – these are collected and can be browsed and/or searched

For a quick look inside:
(The "end-of-lesson-self-test" questions works a bit differently in the ePub version compared to what you see in the video!)

I really hope you will enjoy this first lesson pack!

You will get a EPUB (700MB) file
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