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Learn to play a 5/4 groove


Learn to play the Ubass | Basic techniques


About Me

Magnus Sjöquist has been playing bass some 35+ years. He started out in local rock bands playing in his friends basement and garage! Then followed some years of studying bass and music. He took bass lessons while studying at a ”folkhogskola” in Sweden in the late 80s. Meeting new musical friends and styles there. 1996 he graduated from the University in Orebro, Sweden with a Masters of Fine Art in Music Education degree. Since then the mix of playing gigs in various genres and teaching has kept him busy. The goal is to always strive to find new ways to express his Music and trying to help others do the same is always very rewarding! Magnus has played the ukulele bass (Ubass) since 2010 and is the founder of A website for all things Ubass!

Besides playubass you can check out his other music related stuff at: