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Velvet Karatzas on Interior Design Masterclass

An online Interior Design Course that teaches the basic design principles so that you create safe, happy, and beautiful spaces to live in. 

The Course

Welcome to Velvet Karatzas on Interior Design Masterclass, a course where you’ll learn with the proper tools, in a framework that makes sense, how to translate ideas into a design reality with confidence. Hello, I’m Velvet Karatzas and I warmly invite you to join me for this exciting online course, Velvet Karatzas on Interior Design Masterclass in June 2022.

This course is everything you’d expect and so much more. I teach you what I love doing best – designing, decorating, and styling. I teach you how to develop your own creative voice in composing form and function, for a harmonious design and home decorating outcome that bears your signature.

Why an Interior Design Course

'Give a man a fish and you will feed him for a day. Teach a man to fish and he will make it his logo picture.'

The logic is simple. A single blog post, or a worksheet can solve a single design problem. But, if you can navigate through an entire design course and learn the basic design principles, then you'll find solutions to any design problem. It's all about the long term investment on you!

Unleash your creativity

Interior design is the path to beautiful stories of spaces that surrounds us. Learning to design a space and decorate it with love is fueled by curiosity, creativity and a solid framework of principles. This course is designed to ignite your curiosity and unleash your creativity. It also lays out the basic design principles for you to put in good use, in a manner that makes sense.

The outcome? A learning experience like no other, in a safe environment that promotes exploring, and gets you involved, in order to truly learn and grow from this course.

About the course

In this course, you’ll have direct access to your teacher (me)! The e-book with the Introduction, 12 comprehensive modules and its Supplement is a complete how to design course. Still, it may get you this far. That’s why, I’ll be there to see you further, for that extra mile, via our two one-on-one Zoom calls.

Also, the assignments will be challenging enough to get you thinking like a designer. Each assignment has been structured to get you to research, think critically, train your eyes and get you familiarized with the actual design process.

You won’t feel lost and alone. I'll be there for you, assisting you, and giving you feedback on everything you do.

The course is self-paced and easy to follow. You can start any time, with no fixed start dates. It is flexible to suit your schedule.

The Exciting Journey to Interior Design Starts Here

A word from the author

This course will be a learning experience like no other. Since I have an engineering discipline, I don’t beat around the bush. I have been trained to find solutions to real problems; and with 20+ years of experience, I teach you, in this course, how you can go about it too. I have broken down my process for you to follow, apply, adopt and adapt. But more importantly, I have also put emphasis on training your eyes, in order to nurture your true sense of flair, creativity and editing skills.

Learn together

I will walk you through my design process using a real client project, in order to share with you all the nitty and gritty behind the scenes. But I’ll take it a step further and get you involved in the process too with its respective assignment and feedback from me. And obviously, you can rest assured that you will get lifetime access to all the materials, including future updates of this course.

Hello, I'm Velvet

Interior design is one of my true passions that surfaced very early on. I always took beauty quite seriously. It matters to me. It inspires me. It challenges me. It's been an intuitive knowledge to me that it gives me pleasure, ever since I can remember. I need beauty and beautiful surroundings. And although I studied civil engineering, I always knew that interior design was my calling. It is my way of making this tiny piece of my world more beautiful.

Thankfully, my civil engineering studies and experience taught me the discipline behind solving problems and the methodology in transforming ideas into real structures. I have the 'know how.' So in retrospect, it was a good place to start from.

Blogging about design came about as a need to share my knowledge in good hope to turn anyone to a better home decorator. Today, I teach curious, creative, and wonderful students. I help them unleash their imagination while putting design principles to good use in order to create happy and beautiful spaces to live in.

I would love to show you exactly how you can also become a more confident home decorator that will create your very own beautiful haven.

Course Pillar Outline: What You Get

Pillar 1: Core Structure

  • An Introduction Lesson: Getting to know me - FREE to preview
  • 12 Lessons created exclusively for this course as beautiful PDFs to print, read at your pace and keep forever. Topics covered include colors, materials, patterns, textures, lighting and composition;
  • List of complimentary suggested reading links from the blog, after each lesson, that dig deeper into specific areas.
  • Links to complimentary videos that discuss specific areas in home decorating.

Pillar 2: Assignments

  • Homework assignments after each lesson (optional, but highly recommended). Although some may be real fun, they will challenge you and prep you for what's to come later;
  • Feedback for every homework assignment you submit. That way you will keep track of your progress and level of comprehension.

The purpose of these assignments is to help you grow the necessary skills to translate your ideas.

BONUS: The Eye-Training Bootcamp Assignment! You will have access to it after completing all of the course.

Pillar 3: Extras

  • 2 LIVE ZOOM chats with me - the first comes after completing Lesson No 5 and its respective homework; the second one right after submitting Lesson's No 12 homework.
  • A Supplement with additional beautiful complimentary PDFs of useful infographics as reference to download, print and enjoy forever;
  • Lesson No 11 - The Journey: I get to walk you through an in-depth (behind the scenes) case study of a real client project. This is where I show you my actual design process being applied, for you to adopt and adapt.

What You Can Do After Completing this Interior Design Course:

  • Define the intent of any design project.
  • Understand how to create design flow.
  • Understand the value of texture.
  • Develop an interior style concept that fits you.
  • Create visual stories after your own voice.
  • Match patterns.
  • Understand how colors interact within a space.
  • Develop a better understanding of various materials.
  • Develop an understanding of light within a space.
  • Create balanced compositions.
  • Create conversation between your favorite pieces.
  • Use sight lines to guide one's eye.
  • Finesse your eye so you can edit your space with confidence.
  • Learn to do your research before reaching a design decision.

What people are saying

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In 2021 I had the pleasure of taking Velvet Karatzas on Interior Design Masterclass and I was so happy to gain as much creative as well technical interior design knowledge. This combination is unique and you will not find it in any other course. Velvet is a wonderful, patient and inspirational teacher!”

— Valentina Goryun

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I found this course truly inspiring. When the time comes to redecorating my house, I'll make sure not to repeat my past design crimes. The entire course has helped me change my point of view, so thank you Velvet so much for these insightful lessons!

— Maria Kotsifaki

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Velvet is a very experienced interior designer. Τhrough her course and in combination with Velvet's love for her work and her infectious character, one acquires a firm grasp on interior design. Everyone will love it. Velvet is an exceptional teacher.

— Anna Fotopoulou

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One-time payment

This is not a "live" course, except of the two one-on-one video call chats. All sales are final. No refunds. You can download materials for personal use as long as you do not share them online. Thank you!

I can't wait to meet you soon in class!


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