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One Karate to Rule 'Em All

...and 25 Other Riffs, Rants and Random Ideas about Karate

Straight from the world's most awesomest Karate blog in the universe, comes yet another long-awaited book from best-selling Karate author Jesse Enkamp; featuring some of the most popular hand-picked articles of on the art, science, knowledge and culture of Karate online.

"Hopefully, this book will not only make you learn a little and laugh a little, but furthermore think... a lot." - Jesse


Space Invaders
The Mysterious Martial Monk (pt.1)
The Mysterious Martial Monk (pt.2)
Kaisho, Gyosho & Sosho
The Whispers of Matsumura
Kime: Putting the Nail in the Coffin
Quick Guide to Training in Ye Old Days
Sport Karate: "Meimoku no Bugei"
Naha-te's 2 Greatest "Secret" Lessons (pt. 1)
Naha-te's 2 Greatest "Secret" Lessons (pt. 2)
The Great Escape - 5 Steps to Fleeing a McDojo
What You Need to Know about Making Karate Look Easy
Kyudo Mugen: Karate is Like Boiling Water
The Cloud of Karate - Where Things Went Wrong
One Karate to Rule 'Em All
Kiai - The Battle Cry of... Tennis?
Kimochi - Just Feel It
Kata & Kata - There Can Only Be One
The Birth of Today's Karate
The Dynamics of a Black Belt
The 3 C's of Japanese: Cold, Confused & Constipated
The 2 Golden Rules for Karate Instructors
Ishi-Sashi: Old-Style Functional Karate Strength Training for the 21st Century
Why You Need to Surf YouTube More to Improve Your Karate
"When Should I Leave My Sensei and Start My Own Dojo?"
29 Things about Karate You Ought to Know

Total # of pages: 313

WARNING! Strictly recommended for Karate Nerds™ only!

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