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For years that inflated into decades, we have been pushing Enterprise within Lupin the Third’s garage. But unlike Lupin III car, default mind was not made to travel.

In other words, it is not a traveling thing. Static, frozen forever:adamant in gross stupidity, it is main stream media disinformation: reading from a script: unchangeable.

This mind of the world persisted for 11000 years and will: the skies may rotate but this mind stands adamant: no precession on voladero planets, that is.

Default mind cannot spot, isolate and kill enemy: it is enemy: more precisely surrogste of enemy’s own “mind”: look at the eyes of those who kill your children: they are not human: reptiles show more humanity!

A garage for Fiat 500 is matchbox in comparison to Enterprise hangar.

Lupin the ||| iconic Fiat 500 is a 1957 model. Star Trek Enterprise is classic SF.

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