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Illuminati Initiation - Lockmas Special

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One may rightfully ask how come an unknown shoeshine boy beat out a(n in) famous astrologer?

a)Not really beat: guy had no chance as he was to die on the morrow and he did not even know it. Boy even gave him hour and minute – fairly fair since he calculated by heart.
b)Florist and butcher don’t predict death – hopefully, that is – she is more into “next marriage” or date for female customers while butcher is quite a stock exchange tips guy.
c)How did they learn to predict in order to future-change? Took them twenty minutes.
d)Twenty Minutes Astrology is easy read for anyone who wants to learn prediction by memory in twenty minutes – those intelligent will need less. #RTRRT #1008planets
e)Even less than twenty minutes? Sure. It takes a second in an average toddler in order to calculate your next marriage: a matter of quickly e.g. subtracting a few numbers: that’s all.
f) Now you know that in fact e.g. predicting imminent death unto known astrologer is easy: we did it for all of them, the world better get rid of self-important rabble: you would not believe but one asstrolloger “determined” USA ascendant (which is Serpens Cauda, BTW) as Polar Star! Imagine: a star that by definition never rises at any horizon at all! Others will tell you that you have “Gemini ascendant” - something quite impossible since Lord Krishna's own epoch. alt.clearing.o5
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