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The Shape of the Zodiac

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We'll make it simple for you in focusing upon but a single easily provable phenomenon: the sheer observable #QuarterSky fact; namely Gemini being seen as northern constellation while amateur programs miscalculate it at east.




Now, here as presented an interesting non-technical puzzle: how was it even possible to smuggle a sky that never existed and never will – that of the faux 12 ascendants? Did anyone observe the eastern horizon for the past 5000 years? Surely, we believe the Egyptians, Chinese and possibly Maya did? Did they?




We have no firsthand proof that any civilization, except perhaps for some yet uninspected aborigine legacy, ever recorded the precession of the ascendants in any clearly legible form.




Surely, not many lifted their eyes towards the skies for the past 5000 years and when they did, they surely dressed it with a large dose of prejudice. Prejudice became tradition which gave us a completely distorted sky, issuing in misalignment, misunderstanding, superstition and henceforth wars, famine, dolphin slaughter, bankruptcy, severing of the wrong organ out, divorce, cancer and you name it.




To our best knowledge, no one on this planet ever knew one's own true natal stars for the past 5000 years. There may have of course been mysterious individuals, such as e.g. through larger China – Sikkim, Mongolia and Tibet including – Egypt – possibly some shamanic culture, aborigine, native... but no firsthand relevant evidence persists to that generally unlikely undug fact.




We are almost entirely positive in asserting that neither Enoch, nor Nechepso or Petosiris left any relevant research behind. Surely, Yahweh intimates while encouraging research versus Chaldaean superstition, but the Levites – to our best knowledge – never followed suit; alas on the contrary, for a period even in midst of Palestine, the Hebrew fell under the spell of Greek solar superstition: this fact is documented by heretic temples of the epoch; where Apollo was adored.




In skipping over however possible tribal shamanic revelations, we must assert a simple fact: humanity has never had a single relevant record of the precession of the ascendant sets. Surely, e.g. the Egyptian initiates did observe due east, but we lack any record of the succession of ascendant sets through history – precession. We are also positively sure that neither Klingzor nor Parsifal and surely not various Nostradamuses ever dug Venus in Crater – thus Grail quest timing. Crowley never knew one's own ascendant, thus his Hydra-inspired revelations bear the ark of utter confusion “I am perplexed!”.




Humanity also never had zodiac proper. Whatever zodiacs were perused mostly looked too orderly as any kindergarten imagery should: color by numbers and keep it spinning: the zodiac is not round at all, much as pizza is square.




Mutant ninja turtles may imagine the zodiac out of pizzabox, but true pizza is never that flat, much as the zodiac is not a square. The zodiac is sum of zodiacs; thus neither resembling something round nor square: it nevertheless boasts an interesting shape!






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