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KAGsteroid killer?

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Asteroid killer or killer asteroid? #KAG #1008planets #2025shift

1)Faux news alright: killer asteroid having nothing to do with elections: not the first false reporting on “impact dates” at all.
2)So called “news” or “journos” are paid prevaricators: they never thank for exact input.
3)Said space-chunk being too small to matter, it nevertheless approached exceptionally close – sort of.
4)The November 2nd date is of curse total fabrication!
5)People got so accustomed being lied to that they accept just every nonsense from Plandemix to rejuvenating pills.
6)People who don't (even want to) know their own Sun-signs are astrologers: whoever does not know: teaches.
7)People who knew absolutely nothing of elementary astrology wrote “authoritative” books and even (most probably) founded “schools”: figuring as bigwig idiots who never knew the positions of the planets.
8)This is by the way their New Wage of Aquarius: a time of peace and prosperity BS.
9)Stupid people can't figure out that they are stupid, that is why they are stupid.
10)Even a chunk got politicized: virus is neither elephant or ass in the room: does not exist.

Hydra (as ascedant) and Corvus are zodiacal not unlike Cetus and even Eridanus (both as ascendants).
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