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As follow are comments as footnotes with purport on the wake of “Consequences” article.

a)It is impossible to enumerate all mistakes so-called astrologers have made.
b)Nowadays there are none but from Shamal to Copernicus, Nechepso to Enoch: not to speak of insignificant marketplace swindlers: all of the corpus of astrology became one big swindle. It was not always so: e.g. extremely precise predictions were normally made in China. We will not go at length here as we always did lecture of the marvels of the ancients who were by far more developed than us: not only us but Ptolemy, that Nostradamus or–well – Crowley. In comparison to ancient Chinese astrologers, Derek Appleby – to offer a random example – is ridiculous “emerged worry an astrologer”.
c)Derek thought he is an astrologer as many will. Even you might want to dare.
d)A complete idiot who dies not knowing his own Sun sign may even granted you diploma. See our writings on shoeshine boy and dead astrologer.
e)By extremely precise we mean hour and minute and e.g. which game to be bagged – in numbers precise.
f)On the direction of troops, number of enemies, weaponry to be deployed: see also our writings on military astrology, especially Baghdad Ara bombing.
g)The planets never followed the Sun as every planet has its own zodiac.
h)Not only our “familiar” planets but #1008planets form the Tarot of Omniverse.
i)Eris’ trajectory has nothing to do with Pluto’s at all.
j)Much as Pluto never enters Pisces or Aries, so Eris will never enter Taurus.
k)It would seem that some nincompoop determined Pluto’s rulership over constellations it never enters in the first place.
l)Of course, astrologers to date are completely oblivious as to the positions of the planets. They assign heavy importance unto something as generally insignificant as the Sun (sign): luckily they have no idea of the positions of the Sun, so any inane comment will do: they will never know their own Sun sign: they don't want to: so all that matters is easy swindle unto oblivious masses.
m)Precessed ascendant sets having nothing to do with “12 signs” cannot even enter shift contest: e.g. Ophiuchus may be your ascendant as well.
n)The USA and Italy share selfsame Serpens ascendant but it’s complicated.
o)UK horoscopes logically feature snake, unicorn and Leo that is Hydra, Monoceros and Leo.
p)Australia and Southern America almost share selfsame skies which have absolutely nothing to do with the northern hemisphere. The result is that southern astrologers are even more asinine than their own antipodes.
q)See the list of ascendants that are not really there as default mind would like them to be.
r)Aries, Libra, Gemini and many others are not ascendants for the current epoch.
s)Nobody you know is cold Capricorn ascendant. Both Capricornus and Aquarius are watery signs along with Cetus, Pisces and eventually Andromeda and Pegasus.
t)We live in the era of Pegasus with Venus in Pegasus: that much is clear.
u)But we also had Venus in Hydra with Chinese market promptly crashing as predicted.
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