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Magisterium, Plandemix and the mind of the world: publish or perish despite MSM & them all.

a)UK was blunt on it: we kill your cherry-picked gorgeous daughters mid-London and get away with it, boasting as it were: your kids are ours and Plandemix lasts two years for starters.
b)Demoncratic USA would you wearing patriotic muzzle indefinitely on national lockdown. EU gets even better: reintroducing frontier checks between member states.
c)You know who hates your guts by now: those without culture, music, art and beauty.
d)Whilst Italians die from hunger, illegal hominids having no genetic DNA connections with HOMO SAPIENS enjoy luxury cruiser boats accommodation, being fresh arrivals from war-stricken Tunis. Useful underdog FM gave out Italian money to mostly everyone but Italy, Tunis including: handouts to especially oppressive socialist states by default.
e)The unnatural marriage between venture capitalism and socialism may have origins in China or Ethiopia for what matter or some sick Frankfurt mind. Rabble has no genotype despite alleged inbreeding: sucking blood from newborn’s testicles does not happen even in the most primitive voodoo-likei rituals: but we are supposed to cherish it as our religious tradition; that includes genocidal instructions “do not kill” but slay pregnant Goyim (Aussie arrest) and don’t forget turtle doves and sparrows: spare me the harlot rootii of Jesus; own dynastree along twin Moxad spies: if this does not illustrate…
f)OANN may be an isolated (real) news outlet but even they (besides FOX) blabber about Plandemix alright. The political class – despite appearances along with staged scaramouches – is in fact united pro-vax, etc, etc…
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