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Twin Peaks of the Age of Pegasus 2016-2026

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Twin Peaks of the Age of Pegasus #2021shift #KAG #2025shift

a)This Age of Pegasus is peaking twice, unlike e.g. dantesque thus Luciferian age.
b)The peaks are 2017 and 2025 when Venus (re)enters Pegasus.
c)Pegasus is a zodiacal constellation but not yet ascendant.
d)Ascendant sets change due to precession.
e)Whatever happens (now!) betwixt twin Pegasean peaks is gloomy valley.
f)If there is a saint (Palden Dorje=Venus in Hydra), will be exorcising the planet for three years.
g)Wars are imminent: the planet is already under heavy strain as world socialism utopia is being forced upon us.
h)World socialism not even beginning its installation produced irreparable losses already.
i)They want us all miserable – easily controlled as even self-controlled – zombies.
j)Well, we are not. But what emerges as evident is that all “world leaders” sing to selfsame glossolalia over and over – being not only easily bought but also hypnotized by default mind, the mind of this world and the Devil, of curse.
k)Three years of war: but it begun in 2010 with Moon in Corvus over the Korean peninsula.
l)What kind of war? Children “legally” taken to “undisclosed facilities” since the Devil and pedo-mafia were always after tissue for their diabolic elixirs. See on the Magisterium.
m)They are not only primarily but also openly after your kids. That is for sure.
n)You will find many examples online: in fact too many to even try and ignore.
o)World leaders are now stable Marrano gays, bisexuals with heavy sexual aberrations.
p)Unconstitutional laws are being made: your tax-money pays for illegal immigrants, destruction of family nuclei and all sorts of sexual aberration as glorified.
q)They want to impose ruling by decree versus Constitution as “new normal”.
r)Ruling unelected by decree that is dictatorship is new normal these days already.
s)Mexicans are banned from conversation that is talking to each other is punishable by “law”: even a casual conversation must be digitalized by phone.
t)A new leader being quite unnecessary, Ron Paul would be ideal: his well-meant honesty with winning |::||: jovial to martial vibes would be refreshing after mosquitoes, caymans and swamp vapors everywhere.

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