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THE MARY FRANCES STORY BOOK - 37 Illustrated Stories among the Story People

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All the stories in this book contain lessons; they teach something about cooking, gardening or first-aid—and tell a story, too; but The Mary Frances Story Book is all story, in fact 37 exquisitely illustrated stories drawn from many sources.

On a summer afternoon Mary Frances took a holiday and sailed away across the blue water to an island—an island formed by the top of a coral mountain resting in a sea of blue—a brighter blue than the water anywhere in the world.

The island itself and the roofs of the houses were coral white, with palm, banana and mahogany tree encased in green. The breezes that blew are the warm, soft breezes of the southern sun. This island is the “enchanted island” of the good story-tellers which Mary Frances, and now all children, are allowed to visit. The story people who live there believed in truth and beauty, and courage and kindness, and these are the theme of all their stories.

As may be imagined, when Mary Frances came home she had not only one, but many new stories to tell; and they are now written in this book.

This volume is sure to keep you and your young ones enchanted for hours, if not because of the quantity, then their quality. They will have you coming back for more time and again.
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