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THE BOOK OF DRAGONS - 8 dragon's tale from the pen of E. Nesbit

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Contained herein are eight dragon tales, including twenty-five pen and ink illustrations, making it especially appealing to younger readers. Here you will find stories like:

The Book Of Beasts, Uncle James, Or The Purple Stranger, The Deliverers Of Their Country, The Ice Dragon (Or Do As You Are Told), The Island Of The Nine Whirlpools, The Dragon Tamers, The Fiery Dragon (Or The Heart Of Stone And The Heart Of Gold) and lastly Kind Little Edmund, Or The Caves And The Cockatrice.

For those who have not yet experienced the literary masterpieces of Edit Nesbit, this book is an absolute must. This is but an introduction to the classic literature of Edith Nesbit (1858 – 1924), perhaps more well-known as the author of “The Railway Children” and “Five Children and It” amongst the .many volumes in her exquisite catalogue of children’s literary works.


Author Info

Edith Nesbit (married name Edith Bland; 15 August 1858 – 4 May 1924) was an English author and poet; she published her books for children under the name of E. Nesbit.

Born in Kennington, South London she wrote at least 40 books, mostly for children, and collaborated on 20 more. The famous stories of "The Railway Children" and "Five Children and It" are amongst her exquisite catalogue.

She died in May 1924 at New Romney, Kent, England.

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