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THE ADVENTURES OF WHITE TAIL THE DEER - with Bumper the Rabbit and Friends

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Herein are 16 illustrated stories and adventures about “White Tail the Dear” who lives in the woods and who is a friend to “Bumper the White Rabbit.” This is a companion volume to “Bumper the White Rabbit” which also contains 16 illustrated stories of Bumper and his friends.

All boys and girls who love reading and who love animals should become acquainted with Bumper the white rabbit, with Bobby Gray Squirrel, with Buster the Bear, and, of course, with White Tail the deer, for they are all brave and fearless in danger, and so lovable that you won’t lay down any one of the books without saying wistfully, “I almost wish I had them really and truly as friends and not just storybook acquaintances.”
That, of course, is a splendid wish; but none of us could afford to have a big menagerie of wild animals, for that’s just what you would have to do if you brought the books to life.

White Tail and Bumper have many friends, such as Mr. Blind Rabbit, Fuzzy Wuzz and Goggle Eyes, his country cousins; and Bobby Gray Squirrel had his near cousins, Stripe the chipmunk and Webb the flying squirrel; while Buster was favoured with an endless number of friends and relatives. If we turned them all loose from the books, and put them in a ten-acre lot—but no, ten acres wouldn’t be big enough to accommodate them, perhaps not even a hundred acres.

The 16 stories and adventures of Bumper in this volume are:
I White Tail Jumps Stepping Stone Brook
II Father Buck’s Failure
III Young Black Buck’s Challenge
IV Father Buck’s Decision
V Young Black Buck’s Challenge To A Race
VI Downy The Woodpecker Brings Startling News
VII A Race With Puma And Timber
VIII Mrs. Puma And Timber Fight
IX Young Black Buck Has An Accident
X White Tail’s Magnanimous Act
XI White Tail’s Adventure In The Camp
XII White Tail Escapes
XIII White Tail Hears Unpleasant News
XIV Choosing A New Leader
XV The Great Combat
XVI White Tail Made Leader Of The Herd

So come out into the woods with me, and let us listen and watch, and I promise you it will be worthwhile.
This volume is sure to keep you and your young ones enchanted for hours, if not because of the quantity, then the quality of the stories. They will have you and your loved ones coming back for more, time and again.

10% of the profit from the sale of this book will be donated to charities.
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