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BUMPER THE WHITE RABBIT IN THE WOODS - Book 2 in the Bumper the White Rabbit Series

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This is the sequel to “Bumper the White Rabbit” and, like vol. 1, contains 15 more stories and adventures of Bumper the White Rabbit.

Bumper had many friends, such as Mr. Blind Rabbit, Fuzzy Wuzz and Goggle Eyes, his country cousins; and Bobby Gray Squirrel had his near cousins, Stripe the chipmunk and Webb the flying squirrel; while Buster and White Tail were favoured with an endless number of friends and relatives. If we turned them all loose from the books, and put them in a ten-acre lot—but no, ten acres wouldn’t be big enough to accommodate them, perhaps not even a hundred acres.

The stories and adventures of Bumper in this volume are as follows, and the title of each adventure will tell you what you can expect in this volume.
I. Bumper Hunts with the Pack
II. Bumper’s Ignorance Excites Suspicion
III. Bumper Saves Fuzzy Wuzz from Snake
IV. Spotted Tail Shows Enmity
V. A Test of Fleetness
VI. A Test of Courage
VII. A Test of Wits
VIII. Spotted Tail Stirs up Revolt
IX. The Work of Shrike the Butcher Bird
X. Rusty Warns Bumper
XI. The Rabbits Rise Against Bumper
XII. Spotted Tail Receives his Punishment
XIII. Bumper Wins Spotted Tail’s Friendship
XIV. Spotted Tail Proves His Loyalty
XV. Bumper Makes Fuzzy Wuzz Queen

This volume is sure to keep you and your young ones enchanted for hours, if not because of the quantity, then their quality. They will have you coming back for more time and again.

All boys and girls who love reading and who love animals should become acquainted with Bumper the white rabbit, with Bobby Gray Squirrel, with Buster the Bear, and with White Tail the deer, for they are all brave and fearless in danger, and so lovable that you won’t lay down any one of the books without saying wistfully, “I almost wish I had them really and truly as friends and not just storybook acquaintances.”

That, of course, is a splendid wish; but none of us could afford to have a big menagerie of wild animals, for that’s just what you would have to do if you brought the books to life.
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