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THE OLIVE FAIRY BOOK - 29 Illustrated Fairy Tales compiled by Andrew Lang

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Germany had the Grimm Brothers and the UK and the English speaking nations had Andrew Lang. This is his OLIVE FAIRY BOOK, yet another book in the Many Coloured Fairy Book series. This extraordinary volume contains 29 old and forgotten folk and fairy tales including stories like The Blue Parrot, Jackal Or Tiger, The Green Knight, The Clever Weaver, The Silent Princess and many, many more. These stories originate from rom Turkey, India, Denmark, Armenia, the Sudan, and other countries worldwide. The stories are further brought to life by illustrations from H J Ford. Herein are 8 full page colour plates, plus many more pen and ink drawings.

This book contains many references to fairies. As to whether there are really any fairies or not, is a difficult question. Andrew Lang never saw any himself, but he knew several people who have seen them-in the Highlands - and heard their music. So, if ever you are near Nether Lochaber, go to the Fairy Hill, and you may hear the music your-self, but you must go on a fine day.

If fairies really do not exist, why do so many people believe in them, the world over? The ancient Greeks, the old Egyptians, the Hindus, the Chinese, the Africans and even the Native Americans claim to have seen them and it is unlikely that so many different peoples would have seen and heard them?

The Editor cannot say 'good-bye' without advising children, as they pursue their studies, to read The Rose and the Ring, by the late Mr. Thackeray. He believes this book is quite indispensable in every child's library, and parents should be urged to purchase it at the first opportunity, as without it no education is really complete.
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