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THE OLD FASHIONED FAIRY BOOK - 23 fairy tales told in the old-fashioned way

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Herein are 23 old fashioned fairy tales retold by C. C. Burton Harrison and illustrated by Rosina Emmet. The volume is introduced with the poem Fairy Days by that great of English literature, William Makepeace Thackeray.

Here you will find stories like:
The Princess Eglantine,
Dame Martha's Step-Daughter, Or, The Grandmother Of The Gnomes,
The Magic Coffee-Mill,
The Fairies And The Fiddler,
Ethelinda, Or, The Ice King's Bride,
Deep-Sea Violets,
The Leperhaun:
A Legend Of The Emerald Isle and more.

You will also find five Romances of the Middle Ages, namely:
The Trials Of Sir Isumbras, who is featured on the cover,
Roswal And Lilian,
Eliduc And Guilliadun,
The Falcon-King, and finally;
Sir Eglamour And Crystabell.

These stories are told simply and naturally making them easy for children to read and understand. The volume is aimed at children aged seven to twelve years old.

As with all children’s stories, they have originated in a place where good wishes come true: where the poor and the lonely are rich and live in castles and have friends: and where sorrowful folk are happy. Here you will hear the birds singing and children laughing, all day long. The trees are full of blossoms and fruit. The sky is always blue, the grass green and soft. Under the trees dwell the fairies, and against the blue sky you will sometimes see the sheen of angels’ wings as they flit by.

So, we invite you to curl up with this unique sliver of Fairy culture not seen in print for over a century; and immerse yourself in the tales and fables of yesteryear.

10% of the net sale will be donated to charities by the publisher.
You will get the following files:
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  • EPUB (11MB)

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