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When the big rain began to fall Chaik Jay and Tad Coon dashed for cover, but on his way to cover in the pickery thorn bush, Chaik hurt his wing. He knew have had a bad time with it if he’d tried to stay in the pickery thorn bush, and Tad Coon, who knew a thing or two, advised the bird to let Louie Thomson catch him as Louie had found, bound and freed birds with injured wings before.

But just how did Chaik lose all his natural wildness and go tame?
Well you’ll just have to download and read this most excellent children’s book to find out how it all happened!

10% of the profit from the sale of this book will be donated to charities.
KEYWORDS/TAGS: John Breck, Chaik, Jay Bird, Tad Raccoon, coon, Home, big rain, Evening Party, Thomson’s House, Discovery, Holes, Men live in, Dr. Muskrat, Adventures, in the Barn, Woodsfolk, Hungry Villain, Fill Himself, Fright, Killer the Weasel, Weary, Round of Troubles, Mouse Heaven, Mrs. Tabitha Puss-cat, Secret, Things, Thrashed Out, Illustrations, illustrated, Louie Thomson, tame Jay Bird, rat, chicken killer, house-folks, great fun, Doctor Muskrat, White Cow, drinking pond, friends, ducks, enjoy, visit, Woods, Fields, big hickory tree, Chatter Squirrel, burst, straw pile, in and out, up and down
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