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MOTHER WEST WIND'S ANIMAL FRIENDS - Animal Action and Adventure in the Green Meadows

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Old Mother West Wind's family is very big, very big indeed. There are dozens and dozens of Merry Little Breezes, all children of Old Mother West Wind, and each one a story in itself.

Every morning she comes down from the Purple Hills and tumbles the Merry Little Breezes out of a great bag on to the Green Meadows. Then every night she gathers them into the great bag and, putting it over her shoulder, takes them to their home behind the Purple Hills.

One morning, just as usual, Old Mother West Wind turned the Merry Little Breezes out to play on the Green Meadows. Then she hurried away to fill the sails of the ships and blow them across the great ocean. The Merry Little Breezes hopped and skipped over the Green Meadows looking for someone to play with. It was then that one of them discovered something—something very dreadful.
It was a fire in the meadow grass! Someone had dropped a lighted match, and now little red flames were running through the grass in all directions. The Merry Little Breeze hastened to tell all the other Little Breezes and all rushed over as fast as they could to see for themselves.

They saw how the little red flames were turning to smoke and however everything they touched turned to ash, and how black and ugly, with nothing alive there, became that part of the Green Meadows where the little flames ran. It was dreadful! Then one of them noticed that the little red flames were running in the direction of Johnny Chuck's new house. Would the little red flames burn up Johnny Chuck, as they burned up the grass and the flowers?

"Hi!" cried the Merry Little Breeze, "We must warn Johnny Chuck and all the other little meadow people!" And so the little breezes scurried off in different directions to warn the little people of the green meadow and tell them to move to safety, for as all they well knew “Fire, like Water, are good servants but bad masters!”

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