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DRAGON STALKERS - a YA novel from the pen of Richard Marman

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The latest YA Fantasy novel from the pen of Richard Marman.

A mighty dragon named Brimstone is terrorizing the once quiet village of Oak Tree. Prince Roger and his sister, Princess Crystal, set out on a "coming of age quest" to hunt the fiery beast.

"WHAT?" you say. "A princess on a quest?"

"Yes" we say, for in this society women are supposed to be equal to men.....

They are ably assisted, or hindered, as the case may be, by an evil knight, a mysterious good-guy, the local sheriff, loyal men-at-arms, forest brigands, ogres, trolls, and Oak Tree’s villagers, all with a bunch of attitude.

There are thrills, spills, romance and a heap of rollicking fun to be had by all.

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  • PDF (7MB)

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