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FOLK TALES OF FANTASTIC BEASTS AND MEN - 24 Illustrated Folk and Fairy Tales

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It is rather poignant that this collection of Folk and Fairy Tales from the Flanders region of Belgium was published in 1918, for in the closing stage of the Great War I don’t think there were many, soldiers and civilians living in Flanders, who in 1918 had the fantasy world of folk and fairy tales foremost in mind.

Herein are 24 well illustrated tales from the Flanders region of Belgium illustrated by Jean De Bosschère. Also included are 12 full page colour plates plus 106 pen and ink illustrations. To make the volume even more sumptuous, each story has an individually illustrated drop capital.  

Some of the stories in this superb volume are:
Ups And Downs
The Three Monkeys
How The Goldfinch Got His Colours
The Cock And The Fox
Sponsken And The Giant
The Choristers Of St. Gudule
The Magic Cap
Sugar-Candy House
Poor Peter
The Peasant And His Ass
The Reward Of The World and many more.

So we invite you to download this volume, settle back with a steaming hot toddy, and be prepared to be entertained by this most enjoyable volume from yesteryear.

10% of the net profit will be donated to charities.
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REVIEWS from 1918:
“This handsome and well-illustrated book is one of the most attractive we have seen this season. It gives us renderings of the popular fables and legends current in Flanders and Brabant which have a colour and quaintness of their own, yet combines adventures with an unobtrusive and so more effective moral.”—Saturday Review.

“There are delightful stories; even more attractive than the letterpress are M. de Bosschère’s illustrations. Conceived with inexhaustible fancy, full of quaint detail, and set down with a fascinating naïveté they embody the characters and scenes of the tales with a fullness of particularism that should provide endless entertainment to youthful readers. They are the best and most complete series of designs yet produced by the artist.”—Connoisseur.

“The illustrations by Jean de Bosschère are of a droll fancy. The artist has a notable power of the grotesque, and both in colour and black and white he uses it.”—Daily Telegraph.
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