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MARION MARLOWE’S NOBLE WORK - The Tragedy at the Hospital

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It is 1900 and Marion Marlowe is now a nurse at the Charity Hospital. She had passed through many trials since she came to the city, acting the part of heroine on several occasions, yet each time withdrawing herself and her noble deeds as rapidly as possible into the background so as not to attract too much attention.
Her sister, Dollie, has also moved into the city where she has found work as a secretary with a company of lawyers.

An old friend Bert decides to visit Dollie and calls upon her at the office, where social calls are frowned upon. She finds Bert has been rescued from poverty and has been adopted by a wealthy gentleman, who offers him the world. He is in town to find Marion and intends proposing to her – now that he is being educated and will soon be wealthier than he could imagine. However, Bert is disappointed to find Marion is already spoken for.
Dollie has not quite realised that her employer, Mr Atherton, is sweet on her and could be blindly walking into what could become a messy social situation. Marion finds Dollie at lunch with her employer, whose intentions she challenges. Only then does Dollie realise what is going on. Dressed down and found out, Mr Atherton retreats. An old gentleman overhears the exchange and congratulates them on their win.

But who is George Colebrook? What happened between him and Marion and what has he played in their past and what role will he play in their futures?

10% of the profit from the sale of this book will be donated to charity.
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