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THE BRAVE SWISS BOY - A novel from Harper's Young People

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A recently widowed herdsman and his Son Walter, or Watty, live in the Bernese Oberland in the shadow of the Wellhorn and Matterhorn mountains.

Watty’s life consists of herding and milking the goats for cheese as well as milking the cow for milk. As herding does not take up all his time he has explored, and knows, just about every path and ravine in the area. For a while he has been watching the comings and goings in an eagle’s eyrie high up on the Engelhorn.

While out exploring one day, he meets a Scotsman hiking through the mountains who has expressed an interest in all things natural but especially in birds.

One day he find that a neighbour has claimed their only cow as compensation for a debt owed. He hatches a plan, and goes to see the Scotsman, offering to retrieve the eggs for a fee, even though the climb and retrieval will be hazardous to say the least. Coincidentally the fee matches the amount owing. The Scotsman agrees to the offer and Watty sets off to climb to the eyrie on the Engelhorn. A climb that will pay his father’s debt and see the much needed return of their precious cow.

Will be Watty’s endeavour, fraught with danger, result in success or will it end in failure or even injury. To find out you will have to download and read this book for yourselves.
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