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THE BOOK OF EVE - The Adventures and mishaps of Eve during WWI

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The world of Eve, illustrated by Anne Harriet Fish (1890 – 1964), portrays a world populated by young-old matrons, astoundingly mature young girls (of which Eve is one), Victorian lady remnants, resplendent captains of industry, pussy-footing English butlers, amorous nursemaids, race touts, yearning young lovers, swanking soldiers, blank and vapid bores, bridge-playing parsons, and middle-class millionaires.

The Book of Eve takes a rather satirical look at high society in London during the years of the First World War and depicts young Eve getting herself into, and out of, many predicaments before moving on to the next.

Ms Fish lived through two world wars and a depression to see high society change from the remnant of the Victorian era, to the Flappers of the post WWI era, through the austerity and re-introduction of tighter morals during and after WWII. Then to see the rapid change in society and dress codes, just missing out of the introduction of the mini-skirt in 1965. One cant help but wonder what she would have made of it. But having lived through the “Roaring Twenties” she probably wouldn’t have battered an eyelid.

10% of the profit from the sale of this book is donated to charities.

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