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GYPSY FOLK TALES - Book I - 36 Gypsy stories from Turkey, Romania and Bukowina

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This book is a treasure chest of 36 classic Gypsy Folk Tales and Stories, and makes fascinating reading for those interested in folklore in general, but especially for those interested in the Roma, or Gypsy, people. Within you will find Gypsy stories from Turkey, Romania and Bukowina. Here you will find stories like

“The Dead Man's Gratitude”,


“The Vampire”,

“The Golden Children”,

“The Gypsy and the Dragon”,

“Happy Boz’ll” and many, many more.

The stories are further enhanced by the numerous impressive pen and ink illustrations recently completed by the Dutch artist and illustrator, Maggie Gunzel, who, unlike many illustrators of the 19th C. and 20th C, has stayed true to the subject matter.

Francis Hindes Groome collated and prepared this collection, making only few changes and remaining true to the original stories, so to let the written story enchant us as if it were being presented in the vernacular.

In his various other works, Groome raises the point that Europe possibly owes a great deal of its folklore heritage to Gypsies, who brought tales from East to West. If this is the case, then even the most rooted of Europeans must attribute a portion of his culture to the Gypsy lifestyle. Simply stated, these stories are his stories, but in an earlier form.

10% of the net sale from this book will be donated to the Relief Fund for Romania.


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