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THE PHYNODDERREE - Illustrated Children's Stories from the Isle of Man

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IN no part of the British Isles has the belief in the existence of Fairies retained a stronger hold upon the people than in the Isle of Man. In spite of the tendency of this “matter-of-fact age” to destroy what little of poetry, romance, and chivalry education has left to us, there lurks still in many countries, and especially in mountainous districts, a half credulity in the supernatural.

This volume rescues from oblivion a few of the Manx legends which are related in full:
  • Mona's Isle,
  • the Phynodderree, or the Hairy One (from whence this book obtains its title),
  • Tom Kewley and the Lannanshee,
  • King Olave The Second and the Great Sword Macabuin, and
  • the Buggane's Vow.
Many legends of good, and evil, Fairies are still related by the country people of Mona's Isle; and those who care to inquire into the habits and customs of the Manx cottagers will see and hear much that will reward their curiosity. It is not the mere excursionist, visiting the Island for a summer holiday who will ever learn or see anything of these customs, but those who branch off the high road and venture into the recesses of the mountain districts.

In the course of conversations on the lingering belief in Fairies, a regular attendant at a local Church, and a well-to-do farmer expressed his implicit conviction that such people as fairies did frequent the Glen in which he lived. In reply to the question, "Have you ever, in your life, seen a fairy?" he replied, "No! I can't exactly say I ever saw one; but I've smelt them often enough."

So curl up with this volume in a comfy chair for just as this book brings you enjoyment and mirth, be assured that your purchase will have also helped someone somewhere, for 10% of the publisher’s profit is donated to charity.

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