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PRINCESS WHITE FLAME - The Adventures of Prince Radiance and Princess White Flame in the Fire Kingdom

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This is a children’s story about a curse placed on Princess White Flame of the Fire Fairies and how it was lifted. In this story you will hear tell of Prince Radiance, and Princess White Flame who lived in the Fire Country and of many strange and wonderful adventures on which they journeyed on to reach, at last, a never-ending happiness.

OF all the fairy countries in the world none is more wonderful or beautiful than the country where the Fire Fairies live. Into that land no fairies of the earth, or air, or water dare venture, for they would be seared, or changed to ash or vaporised.

There are many doors which open into the Fire Kingdom. They number in the thousands, and hundreds of thousands. Wherever you see the firelight flicker, wherever you see flames leaping and dancing, wherever you hear the snap of the burning logs, there you may be sure is an open door.
Then if you choose to creep close to it, and peer in, you may perhaps see wonderful things; fairy forms that flit and vanish, and reappear, and vanish again among the leaping flames. Perhaps, also, you may see the shining domes and glittering turrets of the fairy palaces.
But when the fire burns down, and the hearth grows dark the door is closed—there is no more to be seen of that wonderland.
In the very heart of the Fire Country stands the palace of King Red Flame, the gleaming flame-coloured palace, the Palace of Burning Coals. Around it lies a wonderful garden, where paths wind away among great fields of fire lilies, and flame roses lift their heads, and the tall shining trees rustle in the wind with a sound like the whispering of the fire on the hearth. Here in this glowing country the good and happy fairies work and play, and serve their king as all good fairies should.

But not all fairies in this land are good and happy. Beyond the glow of the roses and the lilies, beyond all sight of the glimmering trees, there lies another part of the country where the evil fairies live. Here are great Plains of Ash, and huge Caverns of Soot, and stretches of gloom in which the Shadow Witch comes and goes.

Here lurk the Imps of Darkness, Dragons crouch, and Wizards dwell. Perhaps sometimes when you have looked into the Fireplace you have seen those dismal plains and darksome valleys. They lie away from the heart of the Fire, at the side of the Hearth, and between the flames and the heaps of ashes.

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