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THE LEGEND OF THE GREAT PINK PEARL - A YA novel for young people interested in the early days of flight

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Andy Leighton, Andrew to his mother, have journeyed from St Paul, Minnesota to Valkaria, Florida to settle the estate of her late brother-in-law, Abner Leighton. Little did they know that Valkaria was a request stop and the station nothing more than a revamped box car, which they found out soon after disembarking.

Left with nothing to do but gather their belongings they were about to start trudging along the only track in the eerie moonlight when they saw lanterns bobbing their way towards them in the dark. They were soon acquainted with Captain Joe Anderson.

On the dark walk to the Captain’s house is when they learn about the special project Abner Leighton was working on, and Andy soon learns about the new engine and the Pelican (which is not a bird). It wasn’t long before the game was afoot and that’s when the action and adventure started……

10% of the profit from the sale of this book will be donated to charity.
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