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The WISHING STONE STORIES - 12 of Burgess' best stories

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Twelve of Thornton W. Burgess's most beloved stories are combined here in a wonderful three volume e-book edition that includes 15 BnW images of the classic Harrison Cady original drawings.

Farmer Brown's boy Tommy discovers an old grey stone in the pasture that magically transforms him into whatever animal he wishes to be, allowing him to share adventures with Danny Meadow Mouse, Peter Rabbit, Old Mr. Toad, Paddy the Beaver and a host of others. As always, Thornton W. Burgess weaves each tale to include interesting nature lore, a touch of humor, important values, and just enough danger to provide an exciting ending to each story!

10% of the profit from each story will be donated to charities.
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  • PDF (6MB)

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