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THE TAILOR OF GLOUCESTER - Tales of Peter Rabbit & Friends - Book 3

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The Tailor of Gloucester is a children's story about a tailor whose work on a waistcoat is finished by the grateful mice he rescues from his cat. It was based on a real world incident involving a tailor and his assistants. The third book in the series, for years Potter declared that of all her books it was her personal favourite.
A tailor in Gloucester sends his cat Simpkin to buy food and a twist of cherry-coloured silk to complete a waistcoat commissioned by the mayor for his wedding on Christmas morning. Whilst Simpkin is gone, the tailor finds mice the cat has imprisoned under teacups. The mice are released and scamper away. When Simpkin returns and finds his mice gone, he hides the twist in anger.
The tailor falls ill and is unable to complete the waistcoat, but, upon returning to his shop, he is surprised to find the waistcoat finished which has been completed by the grateful mice. However, one buttonhole remains unfinished because there was "no more twist!" Simpkin gives the tailor the twist to complete the work and the success and beauty of the waistcoat makes the tailor's fortune.
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