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SIX LITTLE DUCKLINGS - Illustrated adventures beyond the farmyard

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Along with the works of Beatrix Potter, this book is considered one of the classic works that have stood the test of time. It is a reprint of the original and is a prequel to Pyle’s “Three Little Kittens” which was reprinted on no less than six occasions.

In this story, the “Six Little Ducklings” and their mother live in a hollow tree down by the river. Join them as they take their first steps out into the big wide world. Do they make mistakes? You bet they do, just like any human child growing up and exploring their environment for the first time.

Join them as they follow their mother on adventures away from the safety of the farmyard. Laugh and cry with them as they grow up by the water and learn more about themselves and their animal neighbours.

You are invited to download this story and experience their adventures for yourself or to be read to a younger audience.

10% of the profit from this book is donated to charities.

Note: the Kindle format is the AXW3 file.
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