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An ancient HOPI proverb states “The one who tells the stories, rules the world.”
Herein are 23 adventures undertaken by Grandfather Frog…….

Bored with the panorama of the Smiling Pool, Grandfather Frog determines to see the wide world which lies beyond his familiar surroundings of Laughing Brook, Green Meadows and the Green Forest. He ventures forth and immediately leaps forth into the world only to tumble haplessly into the pitfalls of greed, boastfulness, and carelessness.

In this time-honoured classic, Thornton W. Burgess mixes exciting adventure and good-natured humour with gentle homily to spin a wholesome tale of animal characters and moral lessons which children have found appealing for generations.

Woven into Grandfather Frog's adventures are the daring pranks of Jerry Muskrat, Little Joe Otter, and Billy Mink, the hunting exploits of Longlegs the Blue Heron and Whitetail the Marsh Hawk, as well as the brave deeds of Danny Meadow Mouse and Striped Chipmunk. Their interwoven stories will delight children as they discover, one by one, the many good reasons why Grandfather Frog came to wish he had kept his mouth shut and had never, ever thought of leaving the Smiling Pool to see the Great World.

10% of the publisher’s profit from the sale of this book will be donated to Charities.
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