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LITTLE JOE OTTER - an animal story for children by Thornton W. Burgess

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Little Joe Otter is a playful, but shy fellow. He loves to romp and swim and slide on the banks of the Smiling Pool Even though he plays and swims with abandon, he is extremely aware of his surroundings. The second a strange animal appears, or he hears an unusual sound, he would disappear beneath the surface of the Smiling Pool with hardly a ripple to show he was ever there.

One day Little Joe appears at the pool with a wife, which surprised all the animals of the pool. But it was a pleasant surprise especially for his friend Peter Rabbit. The otter couple have two cubs that they must feed and raise, and teach about dangers from foxes and traps. The Smiling Pool may not be as safe for a family as it once was.

This is a charming and old-fashioned children’s book which clearly imparts the author’s love of nature. It has a simple plot and simple characters, with each chapter just the right length to read to children at bedtime.

Burgess’s animal stories are perfect for reading with young children. Each animal has it’s own vibrant personality–from vain Sammy Jay, to clever Reddy Fox, and curious Peter Rabbit–and each story explores the perspective of a different member of the Green Forest.
In one reader’s words - Adorable and sweet, with short chapters easy for young readers.
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