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TWO LEGS - A Children's story of Mankind through the Ages

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Way back at the beginning of time, when animals and mankind could converse with ease, Mrs Two legs had a son. All the animals gathered around and all generously gave gifts to the Two Legs family.

But the Two Legs family were never really accepted as one of the animals. They walked erect and not on all fours, their foreheads were high, their eyes firm and steady, they had no fur and they went about hand in hand. How strange?

Here Carl Ewald paints a picture of natural competition amongst species and how certain species rise to places of domination, but in particular how man, once equal with all species, rose to become the superior being on planet Earth.
Ewald takes young readers on a journey from the beginning of time through all epochs – the stone age, the iron age, the industrial revolution and the rise steam power, to the invention of electricity at which at the time the book was written.

There are also warnings that every action has a consequence and that when mixed with greed has dire consequences as humankind is now finding out.

However, sit back and enjoy a trip through the ages of man, and be prepared to answer questions, lots of questions, from bright and enquiring minds.

10% of the profit from the sale of this book is donated to charities by the Publisher.
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