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WONDERWINGS AND OTHER FAIRY STORIES - illustrated, classic fairy stories

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Herein is a collection of three short stories about fairies, each complete with a good moral lesson – just as every fairy tale should be. Written by Edit Howes, these are historical fairy stories that deal with issues like war and peace. This is not surprising, as it was published in the aftermath of the horrors of WWI. The First World War was a disaster for New Zealand (Howes’ adoptive country) as 33% of its adult male population were killed in action at Gallipoli or on the Western Front.  

This book contains the following stories:
Wonderwings - The youngest fairy wants beautiful wings like the fairy called Wonderwings, but she has to work doing good deeds to earn them. Will the fairy succeed in her endeavours?

The Magic Mirror - A queen sets out to learn the secret of the neighbouring kingdom's prosperity so she can teach it to her son the king. But what does she discover?

Fairy Tenderheart - One of the fairies is overcome with empathy for the warring humans and wishes to help them, even if it means leaving the other fairies forever. Will her forfeit lead to success or will the warring humans ignore her sacrifice?

So, we invite you to curl up with this unique sliver of Fairy culture not seen in print for over a century; and immerse yourself in the tales and fables of yesteryear.

10% of the net sale will be donated to charities by the publisher.
Edith Howes Author Bio
Edith Annie Howes (August 1872 – July 1954) was a New Zealand teacher, educationalist, and writer of children's literature. She was a Member of the British Empire and received the King George VI Coronation Medal for her services to literature. Born in London, her family emigrated to New Zealand when she was very young settling in Kaiapoi, 20 miles North of Christchurch where the Waimakariri river enters Pegasus Bay and the South Pacific Ocean.
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