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In the Days of Giants - 16 Norse legends from before time began

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A great read for children and great for reading around campfires!

Herein you will find sixteen stories and legends of the Norse and Viking inhabitants of Asgard – Odin, Freya, Thor, Loki, Baldur and many others. These are the legends of the actions and feats of these dwellers before time itself had begun, stories which give the background to the Marvel movies of Thor, including Loki, Heimdall, Sif and others which will give you the reader more understanding about how the legends of Thor and Loki came to be.

But do not be put off - these are the contemporary versions of these legends and stories written with young adults in mind, and not the heavy, hard to understand versions which academics would revel in.
The volume aptly begins with The beginning of things. Thereafter you will find the stories and legends of How odin lost his eye, Kvasir's blood, The giant builder, The magic apples, Skadi's choice, The dwarf's gifts, Loki's children, The quest of the hammer, The giantess who would not, Thor's visit to the giants, Thor's fishing, Thor's duel, In the giant's house, Balder and the mistletoe and The punishment of loki.

They tell of Iduna and her golden apples, Loki’s mischief making, how Thor came by his hammer, why the dwellers of Asgard fought the giants and much, much more.

So, after you have downloaded this unique volume, find a comfy chair, sit back with your reader and a steaming hot beverage and be prepared to be entertained for hours.

10% of the profit from the sale of this ebook will be donated to charity.
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