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Howard Garis certainly knows how to hold the attention of the young! In this volume, our beloved rabbit gentleman, Uncle Wiggly, helps out Mother Goose and her nursery rhyme characters and each time he helps, it turns into an adventure.

Out in the woods lives a happy gentleman rabbit named Uncle Wiggily Longears. He is as fond of fun as a kitten, and goes out to play whenever young ones come to visit.

One chilly, wintry day he leaves his cozy bungalow and puts on his jacket, scarf and mittens and goes for a ride in his wonderful airship. Once aloft he meets with a big surprise: for he sees a great white gander flying toward him -- with Mother Goose riding on its back!

But what happens next you may ask, I most certainly would!

In this volume Uncle Wiggily faces a host of new adventures -- and makes a wealth of new friends to enjoy them with. He meets Little Bo Peep, Jack Horner, Simple Simon, Miss Muffett, and Old King Cole. These are just a few of the nursery-rhyme characters the happy rabbit gentleman meets!

Expect to see your children spending hours curled up on their beds, or the couch, on a rainy afternoon lost in Uncle Wiggily stories.

10% of the profit from the sale of this book will be donated to charities.
Yesterday’s Books for Today’s Charities.
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