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UNCLE REMUS and BRER RABBIT - 11 Adventures of Brer Rabbit as told by Uncle Remus

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UNCLE REMUS AND BRER RABBIT is an illustrated volume containing 11 adventures and escapades of Brer Rabbit and his friends in their Southern plantation setting. They are narrated to a young audience by (a fictitious) Uncle Remus. This volume was first in the Brer Rabbit series published by Joel Chandler Harris in 1906.

Included in the volume are 70 vibrant colour illustrations by an unknown artist.

In this volume you will the following stories:
The Creeturs Go To The Barbecue
Brer Rabbit’s Frolic
Brother Bear’s Big House
Brer Rabbit Treats The Creeturs To A Race
Brer Rabbit’s Flying Trip
Brer Rabbit And The Gold Mine
Brer Rabbit Gets Brer Fox A Hoss
Brer Rabbit Finds The Moon In The Mill Pond
How Mr. Lion Lost His Wool
How Brer Rabbit Got A House
Brer Rabbit And The Partridge Nest

This volume is sure to keep you and your young ones enchanted for hours, if not because of the quantity, then their quality. They will have you coming back for more time and again.
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