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LEGENDS & ROMANCES of BRITTANY - 162 Breton Myths and Legends

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Herein are 162 folk and fairy tales, customs and traditions of Brittany, France compiled and retold by Lewis Spence. In this volume you will find legends of heroes and Saints, King Arthur, his sword Excalibur and of the Isle of Avalon; as well as ballads, legends and romances of Counts, Dukes, Princes and Kings, tales of their castles, adventures, loves and lovers, sorceresses, wizards plus many, many more.

The 162 legends are grouped into 13 sections which are as follows:
I - The Land, the People and their Story
II - Menhirs and Dolmens
III - The Fairies of Brittany
IV - Sprites And Demons of Brittany
V - World-Tales in Brittany
VI - Breton Folk-Tales
VII - Popular Legends of Brittany
VIII - Hero-Tales of Brittany
IX - The Black Art and Its Ministers
X - Arthurian Romance in Brittany
XI - The Breton Lays of Marie De France
XII - The Saints of Brittany
XIII - Costumes and Customs of Brittany

In typical Spence style we are provided with ample background to the stories which provides valuable insights to the times, although I would not bemoan any young reader who skims over these and goes straight to the legends themselves.
The 32 colour and BnW plates by W. Otway Cannell, portrayed in a classic style, are entirely suited to the era from which these tales come.

This volume is sure to keep you enchanted for hours, if not because of the quantity, then because of the quality of the tales and legends, which will have you coming back for more.
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