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THE WHITE ELEPHANT - 11 illustrated tales from Old India

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Herein are 11 illustrated children’s tales from Old India, all with lessons to equip children for life.

In this volume you will find the stories of:
The White Elephant
The Grain of Corn
The Timid Little Rabbit
Singh Rajah and the Cunning Little Jackals
The Kingdom of Mouseland
The Alligator and the Jackal
The Bold Blackbird
The Kid and the Tiger
The Brahmin and the Tiger
The Bear’s Bad Bargain
The Man Who Rode a Tiger

These old, old tales from India have been favorites for many, many years; some have come down to us from the early days of Buddha and beyond. Some have been taken from a book, called the “Jataka Tales,” (also published by Abela Publishing) telling of the Buddha’s previous existences. Others have been translated from the Pali, or Magadhan, by Eugene Watson Burlinghame, and they have also been retold for us in attractive form by Ellen C. Babbitt.

These stories are somewhat similar to stories which we have all known in another form; for instance, our first story of “The White Elephant” is somewhat like the story of Androcles and the lion. While the story of “The Timid Little Rabbit” is like the old English tale of “Chicken Little.”
“The Story of the Grain of Corn” (which is repeated from “Tales of the Punjab” by Flora Annie Steel) compares with our well-known version of “The Old Woman and the Pig.” In this same book, we find the story of “The Bear’s Bad Bargain,” and we learn how a stupid and clumsy bear is outwitted by a grasping old woman and her greedy husband. Even if they have the best of the bargain, our sympathies are all with the poor old bear.
“The King of the Mice,” “The Bold Blackbird,” and“The Kid and the Tiger” (retold from “The Talking Thrush and Other Tales from India) are all stories of the triumph of the weak and cunning over the brutish and strong. “The Bold Blackbird” may remind you of the old French tale of“Drakesbill and His Friends.”

So sit back with a steamy beverage and be prepared to be entertained for many-an-hour.

10% of the net sale will be donated to charities by the publisher.
ABOUT THE STORY LADY: Georgene Faulkner (1873 – 1958) was a native of Chicago and a prominent American children's book author and storyteller of the early twentieth century. During her career, she was known and promoted as "the Story Lady."
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