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JUST SO STORIES - 12 illustrated Children's Stories of how things came to be - Rudyard Kipling

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A GREAT READ for children of all ages!

Herein you will find 12 JUST SO tales from Rudyard Kipling author of THE JUNGLE  BOOK. Just So Stories are considered some of Kipling's best works. They give fantastical explanations for various phenomena. Here you will find tales like:

The Butterfly That Stamped,
How The Leopard Got It’s Spots,
How The Whale Got His Throat,
How The Camel Got His Hump,
How The Alphabet Was Made and many, more which will keep even the youngest minds occupied for hours.

Don’t be surprised if your young charges come to you with questions after reading these stories, for these stories will challenge all inquisitive young minds.
The 14 color plates and 26 BnW illustrations by Joseph. M Gleeson add stimulus to the stories as do the illustrated drop capitals in every story.

These are mainly “How” stories about animals from India, Africa and Australia, plus a few tales that belong to all Nations, all with an essential moral to teach children. These twelve stories were gathered and published by Kipling over a century ago and the morals are just as applicable today as they were then.

A WORD OF WARNING: by today’s standards there are some racial stereotypical labels used. In 1912 these had a more innocent and naive meaning, than if used them today. However, we have stayed true to the original text and left these in situ. We ask you to be aware of these and to not take offence if and when you come across these.

10% of the net profit from the sale of this book will be donated to charities.

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