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THE ADVENTURES OF MAYA THE BEE - teaching children that all actions and decisions have consequences )Original Text & Images)

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MAYA THE BEE These stories and adventures revolve around a little bee named Maya and her friends Willy the bee, Flip the grasshopper, Mrs. Cassandra (Maya's teacher), and many other insects and other creatures. The book follows Maya's development from an adventurous youngster to a responsible adult.

Written by Waldemar Bonsels, translated by Adele Seltzer and illustrated by Homer Boss with 4 full page colour plates and 33 in text Pen and Ink vignettes. These are the original images and texts.

The moral of this book teaches children about the consequences of their decisions, as well as the consequences their actions, and inaction.

Maya is a bee born in a bee hive during internal unrest: the hive is dividing itself into two new colonies. Maya is raised by her teacher, Mrs. Cassandra. Despite Mrs. Cassandra's warnings, Maya wants to explore the wide world and commits the unforgivable crime of leaving the hive and is exiled. During her adventures, Maya befriends other insects and braves dangers with them. In the climax of the book, Maya is taken prisoner by hornets, the bees' sworn enemies.

Prisoner of the hornets, Maya learns of a hornet plan to attack her native hive. Maya is faced with the decision to either return to hive and suffer her due punishment, saving the hive, or leaving the plan unannounced, saving herself but destroying the hive. After long consideration of her options, she makes the decision to return.

On her return she announces the coming attack and is unexpectedly pardoned. The forewarned bees triumph over the hornet attack force. Maya, becomes a heroine of the hive and becomes a teacher like Mrs. Cassandra which allows her to share her experiences and wisdom with future generations.

After first being published in 1912, Maya the Bee was turned into children's film in 1924, then in the 1970's a German children's TV series which ran for 5 years and which was translated into English and other languages. The English series was revived in 2012 with updated animation and again in 2017.
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