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THREE LITTLE KITTENS - The illustrated adventures of three fluffy kittens

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This antiquarian book is a reprint of the original. So popular was this book that between the original publication in 1920 and 1931 that it had no less than 6 reprints.

This book tells about the adventures of three kittens named Jazbury, Fluffy and Yowler. Our story begins with Jazbury, his mother: Mother Bunch and Aunt Tabby in their comfortable human home. Jazbury is being scolded because he is dirty after playing in the coal bin and he is instructed to wash himself clean unless he wants their human mistress to do it for him with water. Being drenched with water is a fearful threat so Jazbury does as he is told.

Jazbury's best friend is a little white kitten who lives next door named Fluffy. Mother and Aunt Tabby encourage Jazbury playing with Fluffy because they think he is nice and well-behaved. He is a gentle little kitten who never teases or makes fun of anyone.
Yowler, a rough-looking yellow cat, belongs to the baker who lives further down the street. Mother and Aunt Tabby do not want Jazbury to play with Yowler because they think he is a very coarse, noisy cat.

This book tells of their adventures and how they became lost in the woods. It tells of some scary moments and, how, after many days hunting for food and enduring long, cold, wet nights, they desperately want to find their way home but they are afraid they are hopelessly lost.

Do they find they way home? Well, you’ll have to download this story and find out for yourself!

10% of the profit from the sale of this book will be donated to charities.
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