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Nibble Rabbit Makes More Friends

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The story of Nibble the Rabbit Makes More Friends occurs after his travels and adventures in the big forest and after Big Hollow Oak blew down during the big storm and Nibble rescued all the poor homeless folk whose homes had been destroyed by the big storm, we find our little bunny living at Doctor Muskrat’s Pond.

One day, on his way to Chirp the Sparrow’s nest, he forgot to look where he was stepping when suddenly he heard a “ping” and instantly he knew he had made a mistake. Something grabbed him by the ankle and whipped him up into the air. Hanging upside-down, he kicked and squirmed. The harder and harder he fought to free himself; the tighter the wire pulled. No matter how he squirmed and flounced like a fish, he couldn’t get free. He was well and truly caught!

There he was all trapped when Tommy Steele with his red mittens appeared and took the exhausted Nibble down. Secured in a cage, Nibble was taken to little Tommy’s home. His adventure was just beginning…..

What happened next you ask? Did Nibble survive meeting the dog? Did he manage to break free and escape back to the forest and what adventures did he have along the way? Well you’ll have to download this book and find out for yourselves!

10% of the profit from the sale of this book will be donated to charities by the Publisher.
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