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The COZY LION, or, How to make friends with a Lion

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Of course it was all the Lion's fault that I had to scold him. Fairies have the power to do this, you know. Lions ought to live far away from people. Nobody likes Lions roaming around—particularly where there are children about. But this Lion said he wanted to become a part of Society, and that he was very fond of children— little fat ones between three and four. So instead of living deep in a forest or in a jungle he took up residence in the large Cave on the Huge Green Hill, only a few miles from a village full of the fattest, rosiest little children you ever saw.

He had only been living in the Cave a few days, when the trouble started. All the village fathers and mothers turned out to protest his presence because they were afraid it might turn out to be a Lion. As for the mothers, they were nearly crazy with fright, and dare not let their children go out to play and had to shut them up in their top rooms and cupboards and cellars, they were so afraid the Lion might be hiding behind trees to jump out at them. So everything was beginning to become quite spoiled because nobody could have any fun. It was almost like living through a Covid Lockdown!

And then what happened you ask? Well, you’ll just have to download and read this story to find out for yourself.

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