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PUSSY BLACK FACE - The Adventures of a Mischievous Kitten and his Friends

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Pussy Black-Face, or, “The story of a kitten and her friends” is a book for boys and girls written by Marshall Saunders and illustrated by Diantha Horne Marlowe.

Our story starts with Pussy Black Face introducing himself - “My name is Pussy Black-Face, and I am a naughty young kitten. I wish I were good like my mother. She is the best cat that I ever saw. I try to be like her, and sometimes I succeed, but most times I don't.”
Known to all as Black Face, this cat is a mischievous kitten who does things most cats do, like sleep, eat and hog the warmth of the fire and then sleep even more.

Black Face and his friends are looked after by Mrs. Darley. She is a widow with two adopted children—Billy and Margaret. Black Face has a sister named Serena, and a brother called Jimmy Dory. But, Black Face is not the first cat which most people choose to stroke or pick up to cuddle. Neither is Black face the most agile cat. He is the most adventurous of the siblings, and is forever knocking over ornaments, and other precious nick-knacks, quite often breaking them.

As the summer came on, Mrs Darley opened up the house and Black Face and his friends were allowed to explore the pavement while their mother and father sat on the wide window sill watching. “Beware of the naughty boys,” his mother warned.

The kittens began to play with a pebble and chase it along the pavement. Before they realised it they had lost sight of the house and chased the pebble right into the hands of the very boys their mother had warned them about. And so began the adventures of Black Face and his friends……

But what happened next you ask? Well you will have to download and read this book to find out for yourselves!

10% of the profit from the sale of this book will be donated to charity.
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Margaret Marshall Saunders CBE was a Canadian author. She was born in the village of Milton, Queens County, Nova Scotia. She spent most of her childhood in Berwick, Nova Scotia where her father served as Baptist minister. Saunders is most famous for her novel Beautiful Joe. Originally published under the pseudonym Marshall Saunders, it is a story narrated by a dog who has had a difficult puppyhood with many obstacles including a cruel owner. When the book was published in 1894, both it and its subject received worldwide attention. It was the first Canadian book to sell over a million copies, and by the late 1930s had sold over seven million copies worldwide.
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