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Fairy Tales Told in the Bush is a mixing of indigenous Australian and imported, colonial sensibilities. Of these Fairy Tales told to children in the Australian bush, “The Magic Gun” and “The Underground River,” are original, but the others have been brought from the old country i.e. Great Britain.

The mixing of stories from the old and new cultures is not too dissimilar to the situations found in the colonised lands in South America and Africa. This volume gives a definite nod to the oral tradition of storytelling of ancient aboriginal cultures and is effectively the 19th C. Australian book of Fairy Tales.

Within this volume you will find the stories of:
  • The Little Man in Brown, or the Boy who Lied
  • The Magic Gun
  • The Underground River
  • The Origin of the Yarra Yarra (Ever-flowing)
  • Forget-me-not
  • The Palace of Truth
Sister Agnes Row (1866-1930), was a deaconess in the Community of the Holy Name, the first Anglican religious community in Australia. She is identified and discussed, along with her book, at great length in a very informative article by Lucy Sussex in the 'Griffith Review' (Edition 42, October 2013)

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