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A 6 ebook collection of Dragons and the exploits and adventures of Dragon Slayers from across the ages - PLUS a FREE 7th ebook!

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In this collection you will receive:

1.      THE BOOK OF DRAGONS - 8 action filled illustrated tales of dragon's from the pen of Edith Nesbit author of “Five Children and It” plus 40+ other children’s books.

2.      THE SECOND BOOK of DRAGON’S TALES - 28 illustrated tales of dragons and serpents drawn from the mists of time.

3.      THE THIRD BOOK OF DRAGON’S TALES - 12 illustrated tales of dragons and serpents some of which are friendly dragons which provide wisdom and direction to the heroes of our stories. Others are downright wicked, oozing malice and evil.

4.      THE SAINT OF THE DRAGON'S DALE – A Medieval Dragon Slaying adventure from Germany.

5.      DRAGON STALKERS - a YA Dragon Stalking novel from the pen of Richard Marman.

6.      BEOWULF – rewritten in easy-to-read novella format especially for young adults and children.

ALSO INCLUDED a complimentary/FREE ebook “THE DRAGON AND THE RAVEN or, The Days of King Alfred.” Journey back to England in the Time of King Alfred, when the whole country was for years overrun by hordes of pagan Vikings and Norsemen, who had arrived in their Dragon Ships and slaughtered, plundered, and destroyed at will.

(All available in ePub & Kindle formats)
You will get the following files:
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  • EPUB (2MB)
  • MOBI (2MB)
  • EPUB (5MB)
  • MOBI (4MB)
  • EPUB (8MB)
  • MOBI (3MB)
  • EPUB (6MB)
  • MOBI (2MB)
  • EPUB (836KB)
  • MOBI (5MB)
  • EPUB (836KB)
  • MOBI (5MB)

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